November 20, 2009

KUMAR MUNIANDY, Community Ensemble Participant

My flat mate, Laura asks me every night “So, how was your day today? Were you rehearsing?”. I tell her EVERYTHING until she falls asleep. Bless her. My meerkat spine is more awake than ever since we’re been in the London Coliseum. I try my best to be on the wings whenever it’s possible to see what’s happening on the stage i.e with Deborah’s microphone directions, lighting cues, prop blockings and so on. The staging and the lighting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Each community ensemble member has been assigned to a Chorus singer – they wake us up at the beginning of “For unto us a child is born”. My partner is Melody and she’s really cool. She’s been in the company for twenty seven years!!! I was three years old when she joined the company. Yeah I know, amazing right??!!?! Whenever the Chorus sings this piece, I feel like my whole body is floating on the air – their voices are so amazing and beautiful! Actually, there are no words to describe what it feels like to be on the Messiah stage. You gotta to be there to feel it.

Some of us have seen the start of the second act – OH MY GOD! More like OH MY MESSIAH!! I rest my case.

Also it’s my first time hearing the “Shirley” joke. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you just have to listen out for it yourself.

I gather my ten fingers close to my heart to express my gratitude of being part of the Messiah.


I wanna dance too!

November 8, 2009

KUMAR MUNIANDY, Community Ensemble Participant

I second that Joyia! I feel so lucky to be in this production. I’m just like a little boy with meerkat’s posture enjoying every bit of the rehearsal; the powerful voices of the Chorus, the stars of Messiah – Sophie, Catherine and John. Not forgetting the dancers, especially Christian who dances like a delicate swan, yet it’s so painfully moving . And this is JUST the rehearsals. I can’t imagine the performance itself. I kept on telling Jennifer and Joyia “I wanna dance too”…..I mean, who wouldn’t??

Plus working with Deborah Warner is like birthday combined with Christmas, it’s an absolute blessing to be in her vision of Messiah. Ten thumbs up to the backstage crew as they are on top form on everthing. Not forgetting Jana Phillips who’s been so wonderful to us, the “Ensemble”, from the start until now. I can’t wait to be on the stage. I can’t wait for my friends to see this. I’m ending this blurb with a big smile on my face.