Coliseum cuttings…

November 27, 2009

FRITHA JENKINS, Community Ensemble Participant

It’s not the first time I’ve missed the mark and I have my doubts it will be the last. Having deposited the armchair, I step off the mirrored stage floor into the wings and turn to check. Locating a small piece of tape on a stage is proving harder than it sounds. I have just come from a quick lecture in the sky bar on neuro-linguistic programming for stage fright to which I arrived straight from work. I spent last night trying to turn the volume down on the Handel playing relentlessly in my head as I endeavoured to get some sleep. The lights from across the wings are blinding. I need a coffee and I want to sit down. I am wondering what I am doing here. 

My mind flicks back to the first rehearsal day at the Coliseum. I bump into Deborah Warner whilst  looking for the stage door down an alleyway. 

me: Hi

her: Hi

me: Do you know where we’re supposed to be going?

her: Yes –  we know exactly where we’re going!’

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