It’s live theatre and you dealt with it…

December 8, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

We’re a fair few performances in and only really have a few to go. It’s going sooo quickly… things have been going fine – there’s more of a relaxed vibe going on now. We’re hanging out together after shows with the chorus, dancers & orchestra & I’m becoming very fond of them all. It really is as though we’ve been embraced by the ENO community.

I got to interview Deborah for the blog (see video) & she answered many of our questions. She’s truly lovely and really has that presence of an amazing creative person. You know some people just have that presence?

I keep having a little mishap going on. It’s never happened before but it keeps happening now. On Tuesday I think I’m just going to go down in the interval and see if I can see what’s going on and rework this thing. In one of the transitions a few of us peel back a black covering to reveal the green garden underneath. We usually do it smoothly & together, walking backwards & folding over and over. Easy, I hear you say… well yes it is… until now. The thing keeps getting caught under the platform. I take the left edge & well, the first time it happened I had to get off the platform & tug, tug with extra strength from Kumar to free it. Anyhows, each time it happens I guess the important thing is we fix it and carry on as normal. I think my TV issues were good training; things can happen, can go wrong that you would never think could. You just have to deal with whatever is thrown at you. As we come off with the rolled up sheet, Phillip says ‘Well done. Its live theatre & you dealt with it.’

So, this is my penultimate blog I guess. I’m out working a lot in Oxfordshire at the mo. It’s pretty cool returning to London for a show. Getting off the train at Marylebone, looking at the commuters & knowing I’m going to the Coliseum. Looking at the commuters makes me ponder; these people, they’re in our show. It truly is about all of us.



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