Standstill in the wings…

December 5, 2009

HOWARD HARDACRE, Community Ensemble Participant

There are some really magical moments in this production and the one that I am drawn to night after night is the opening of Act III. At this point ‘the theatre’ is all around me, as the strength of the performance extends into the wings. The complete hubbub of the wings is at a standstill. Only a few people linger here now.

For the past few nights I have watched from stage left, but tonight I witnessed it from stage right. The proximity of the acting of the hospital scene touches the ether around us. I watch the attentive nurses through the golden-lined shadows of an actor and a dancer. Through the jet black flats and banks of silhouetted lighting and against the lights from stage left which are blinding in the distance, I can see the bed and the scene plays out. It’s a sombre moment and filled with reflection and poignancy. The nurses leave the stage and we all stand silently together…It’s a really privileged position.


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