Complimentary opera glasses…

December 4, 2009

ALISON PORTER, Community Ensemble Participant

It’s all gone a bit quiet, adrenaline levels have stabilised and repetition has ironed out the clunky bits. Complacency is now the thing most likely to trip us up, a couple of incidents involving a chair and a crib remind me that the inanimate objects are still out to get us. I’m also wondering why appearing in front of 2000 people is proving far less scary than facing 20. I think it’s something to do with distance, I’m afraid of heights but have no trouble looking out of an airplane window and it seems to be the same with the scale of things viewed from the Coliseum stage.

No one seems to be writing much at the moment; apart from the critics that is. They all have different opinions of course but it’s interesting to see what they’ve picked up on. Maybe we should issue some complimentary opera glasses to the one who described me in my primary teacher role as ‘he’ – I knew the baggy jeans weren’t particularly flattering but mistaking me for a man, hey that’s going too far.

I watched a kind of X Factor for artists on the television last night where the piece of public art work selected by the expert panel was the one liked least by the public – this made me wonder; if the public like something the critics don’t like does this mean the public has no taste or that the critics have too much? Anyway I’m glad this production doesn’t try to tell anyone what is good for them.

Apart from the critics there’s the dreaded flu virus stalking the dressing room, taking another victim every evening. We still have seven performances to go so we’re going to need some true grit and Lemsip to see us through. Jill has been peddling throat sweets and comfort (she was a primary school teacher in real life) and Barbara has been generous with her herbal remedies. At least we don’t have to sing or dance like others in the cast, although it’s hard not to cough with all those candles. I’m still feeling a bit fragile but once the train journey and fight through the commuters is over, the Coliseum is warm and friendly and beginning to feel like home…. and the soup is pretty good too.


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