Now we’re in business!

November 28, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

I have a bit of the jitters all day, I think we all do. OK, I’m in a large ensemble & I should feel totally safe… but the adrenaline is running. It’s opening night!

I have a bit of time to kill before our call time at the Coli. As I get off the 176, I look up at the spinning, lit-up dome of the Coliseum & the busy peopled area outside. This makes it feel real. Instead of going straight there I head into the National Portrait Gallery practically opposite. I need some calm & this is one of my favourite places in London for that. I locate a Handel portrait (2nd floor, room 12 if you want to check it out too…) & I just sit on the bench right there looking at him. I take in his chubby, rosy cheeks and the score of ‘Messiah’ depicted right there beside him… how appropriate. A nice, quiet moment before taking a hop, skip, jump over the road to realise his wondrous work on stage.

I think opening night went well; nice & smooth. Nothing could have prepared me for the energy of 2,400 faces staring back at me, I will never forget that moment. My cheeks are roasting red & I’m alive. Good job I’m not singing because for ‘Amen’ with all the glitter falling practically takes my breath away. The chorus are on full power… now we’re in business. I’m intrigued to see how it will develop even deeper over the next 8 shows. There’s a pang of sadness too as it feels like it’ll be over in a heartbeat. And the applause, the applause almost knocks you over, audience standing ovation (they loved it). We’ve been getting some lovely reviews too…

And we’re all getting to know each other backstage, the ensemble, the chorus, the dancers & soloists. Oh and our stage managers – what an on-the-ball job that is, we’re so reliant on them for the seemless flow. There’s a moment every night when little Max touches my shoulder, I love that moment, what an astounding little boy.

Now lets get on with the run, lets let it fly.


Ps. Oh and that TV? I got it on the mark (give or take an inch). Phew…


One Response to “Now we’re in business!”

  1. david Says:

    after my first visit – wow – just seen it again – an even bigger wow! Very difficult to spot the amateurs

    Keep up the good work!

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