That’s what a dress rehearsal is for!

November 26, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

Its production week! Excitement, wow. We’ve been in the theatre almost every day for the last week. It’s been long and tiring but we’re all headed towards the same creative goal. It’s been totally crazy hectic. Lots of changes are being made for the good of the show. As I go to sleep at night I can hear the music over & over in my head, I feel like I’m living in it all the time, it resonates through me. I’m listening to it constantly on spotify too. I don’t seem to want to listen to anything else, this will be the bubble for the next 2 weeks & what a wonderful bubble to be hanging out in.

So you think you know all your cues & marks etc & are seemingly totally in control & on the ball. We had the Dress Rehearsal yesterday morning. I totally missed my mark for the TV at the beginning, arggghhhhhhh ooooopppppppsssss… A VERY awkward moment on stage (must remember not to hesitate if it happens again). How this happened I don’t know, it’s been fine in rehearsal… so FINE. Suddenly I just didn’t see it. Anyhows, I’m told “don’t worry that’s what a dress is for. You’ve done it here, you won’t do it in the show because now you’ll be hyper-aware”. There’s that theatrical superstition too of course: little things should go wrong in the dress, you get it out of the way & it foretells a good opening night! In the tech Fritha went to my mark with her chair… so she gently pokes fun at me & now we’re even.

For the Hallelujah chorus I am there in the middle of the stage looking out to the audience. One of the dancers picks me up and spins me around. It’s going to be so powerful with a full audience; I can feel it in my belly. I’m loving every minute of this process & seeing & being in a show of such epic scale.

I end up with gold leaf on my dress from one of the objects which needs to be placed. They must look truly majestic when the light hits them. I also ladder my black & silver sparkly tights, ooops. Costume have allowed for this possibility & they have multiple pairs for me!

So here we are, first night tomorrow, we’re almost there, 6 weeks of rehearsals, tech rehearsals done, dress rehearsal done. 9 performances ahead of us…. Bring it on…. Now if I can just get that TV back to being on the right mark (I will… I promise).



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