Spoilt for choice

November 20, 2009

HOWARD HARDACRE, Community Ensemble Participant

The truth is I’m just not sure which level to engage at with this project…..

Apart from my community responsibilities in applying myself to the parts that I have on stage, I can put my music student hat on and sit in the wings and follow the score of this magnificent piece of work and learn more about it’s genius. I can head out into the auditorium and feast on it’s triumphant interpretation. Let me tell you that today I walked away from the rehearsal of the Hallelujah chorus with a tear in my eye it was just so splendid.

But it’s with my business analyst hat on that I am so in awe. The infrastructure behind the production is vast, collaborative and very well delivered. From the audio looping systems for lighting, stage management, sound and dressers to the guys who transport the props and scenery to and fro between their offsite home and the wings. All the stage technicians who turn the stage around from one show to the next in a few hours, the fireman who appears every time a candle is lit and my personal favourites, the creative genius props guys who make the sliders for the benches (nudge nudge) and who, quite magnificently, have the ability to create golden trees.

It’s staggering just how many people are working solidly with one objective in mind. I really enjoy this collaborative transformational management style as everyone enjoys and benefits from the experience in so many ways. It’s a pleasure to be part of it.


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