A ghostly presence?

November 19, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

I can see a bit of the flow go, mojo going on. It’s going to be fine. We all seem a bit calmer today, knowing a little better where we’re going. TV duties the same, but my cue isn’t quite right. Will test tomorrow. Either take cue off ironing board setting or Fritha’s chair. I have the actual TV today. It has smooth wheels (thank goodness). Apparently it’s going to be ON.

It’s quite hard to see things backstage. It’s either really dark or really light. I look up & am convinced I see someone high in the scaffolding-like structures supporting the lights. Probably a techie guy, but he’s ridiculously high. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me as I’m still adapting to the light back here, or perhaps a ghostly presence? There is definitely a ghostly magical feel back here.

Orders are reshuffled, entrances & exits changed for ease. There’s some candle action & truly wonderful dancing. I feel like we’re somewhat a mirror for the chorus, & we’re there reflecting back on them quite often in the depth of the space.

We watch the beginning of Act 2 from the Dress Circle as we’re not involved in this part. Laurence is right, it’s already incredibly moving. It’s bizarre now looking onto the stage, you get the real perspective. All the departments are starting to come together meticulously & many stunning light/projection options are tested out. Believe me; this show is going to be something extremely, extremely special.


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