Where do they get all that energy?

November 13, 2009

ALISON PORTER, Community Ensemble Participant

Today I have been prodded, clung to and jumped on. The last time this happened was at my son’s 9th birthday party and that was at least 10 years ago. That time we put all the sharp objects away but these kids have sticks and poles…and attitude. With a little imagination they can make anything into a weapon…and they have a lot of imagination.

One minute they are lying angelically asleep on the floor (they had me fooled anyway) and the next they are running round in circles like crazed hamsters on a wheel – where do they get all that energy? But it worked, I couldn’t resist being drawn into their very immediate world where anything goes and everything is either hilarious or a tragedy…if not it’s just plain boring. So maybe that’s what it’s about, this opera thing, humour and tragedy and children being children, scarily comfortable with their individual talents and the rest of us realising that it’s OK to do a cartwheel mid-sentence if you happen to feel like it.



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