It’s a team sport…

November 12, 2009

HOWARD HARDACRE, Community Ensemble Participant

Hats off to all involved in this magnificent team! The creative spirit is well and truly airborne. Today found us being filmed outside, at the back of the shops on West Hampstead High St, to be immortalised in celluloid against a faded skip-like backdrop of discarded summer picnic benches and beer umbrellas! We posed for a camera that’s set up on a scrub bit of parking space to move back and forth, on a very ingenious folding set of rails. We stand still and the camera gently glides past us, capturing an image of our head and shoulders. The footage is going to be projected on stage during the production!

After being filmed, we all had a well-earned break and I think that the sound-proofing must be quite exceptional in the building because we could have outdone any 5th form common room in the land! So much chatter, singing, laughing, heckling….Just general fun really. …..But isn’t that just amazing, how within a couple of short sessions we are a buzzing team. I am totally impressed at how well this has all been implemented within the group and how expertly 42 disparate people have been brought together to form such a cohesive unit.

Back to rehearsals and we’re building on the Act III Amen sequence where we join our chorus buddies for the big finale. The movement throughout the piece is quite remarkable. Here on stage, I’m blown away by the sheer size of the sound all around me and I’m tremendously impressed how some chorus members are completely out on their own, robustly singing their lines, sometimes cut off from any of their similar voices for support, against other equally robust harmonies. That can’t be easy.

Deborah directs us to adopt a sombre and mournful role and suddenly I start to develop the very peculiar feeling of acting! Which was really quite a fantastic experience, knowing that amidst all of the energy that’s going on, on stage, in my own small way, a world apart from reality, I am adding to that mood and impression. 


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