Reverse Cell Division

November 7, 2009

JAMES WRIGHT, Community Ensemble Participant

The umbrella cell cycle presented within the Operatic eukaryote provides fascinating examples of inverse mitosis, or reverse cell division; this is literally a case of zygotes amalgamating into larger organisms, with previously fertilised unicellular gametes ‘clapping’ in order to gain a form of genetic acceptance so that they can then become part of a greater life form.

I couldn’t comprehend what was happening at first, but then I realised that by performing these actions – and similar ones – the primarily individualist cells, with different ambitions and motives, were now becoming a more responsive and cohesive unit (see Alison’s post!); I must admit that this eluded me after the first session. Only after careful examination and empirical studies did I ascertain what was happening, and in all honesty I find what we are achieving through these exercises and rehearsals exhilaratingly fun and astonishing.

Practicing was a weird one for me – I felt like I was a pre-programmed robot, but had been granted sentience. This cerebral ambiguity was very interesting in itself, and I’m sure that with further psychoanalysis we could be told a lot about ourselves:

“Ah, so you decided to place the book there? Very interesting.”

“I see – so when you saw the other person coming towards you, you deliberately avoided them?”

“Is it important to you that I think that you think that your role is important to you?”

I often think about my community counterparts and imagine if their brains are as injected with as much wonder regarding this whole instance as mine – I’d say ‘yes’. I think that we’re all really enjoying the experience and are overly grateful for it. We tend to clap a lot.

I’m not going to continue with the cell division analogy/metaphor, I think it got a bit tired.

Oh, and everyone’s really friendly.


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