Rehearsal, 5.11.09

November 7, 2009

JANA PHILLIPS, ENO Baylis Project Manager
On Thursday, we took plenty more photographs and I think many of these capture the atmosphere in the rehearsal room. Joyce Henderson, who is working with the group to help them explore movement, is pushing them to really engage with their actions and to consider how they interact with the people around them. It’s rigorous and it requires a great deal of thought: I’m sure it’s not as easy or straightforward as people may have thought. This notion is coming through in many of the blogs, but there’s a sense that the process is satisfying and rewarding too.
I’m constantly amazed at how the participants are faring with this challenge. Many – who claimed they had not been on stage since they were children – clearly have a natural gift for appearing collected and comfortable in their roles. Joyce is definitely helping bring out these skills and Deborah is gently guiding and directing them, but I think we can all see raw talent which was there all along!
This is Joyce in front of part of the group:
Joyce and Community Ensemble
This is the group doing an exercise which explores how tension can affect movement:
Here’s another activity which involved quick movements and concentration:
Whole group
And just a couple more photos of the ensemble rehearsing together:

One Response to “Rehearsal, 5.11.09”

  1. Mervic Monocillo Says:

    I love looking at all these pictures and seeing everyone enjoying and having the best of their time.Members working and doing the exercises with fun and loving every minute of it.It is tiring but yet everyone just seemed to enjoy it and wanting the day to last and never end…
    For me this experience had been another journey in my life… a journey that will never be forgotten and will always be treasured….
    I can’t wait for the day …I just want to be out there and giving the best that I have…Thank you for this chance of a lifetime……….

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