Ordinary spaces, everyday spaces

November 7, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

This week has been a lot about blocking & practicalities. Today we entered the rehearsal room to a mock up of one of the acts. It looks dynamic even in the rehearsal room. Things represent other things that haven’t yet been made. There’s definitely a feeling of space & we are told that the stage area at the Coliseum goes back double the size of this playing space. Wow. I can imagine what some of the images are going to look like. I’m dying to tell you but I won’t. There’s a lot going on – things floating & video projections. Our ensemble is going to fill this space, along with the chorus, principles, dancers & kids! There are other spaces mocked up too, the kinds of spaces you and I would come across in London. Ordinary spaces, everyday spaces. It reminds me a bit of an art installation.

We also spend a lot of today lying down. Lovely – I’ve had a manic week. We’re possibly going to be present on stage when some of the dancing takes place. I watch Joy & Christian (the dancers) do their thing & am instantly into the story they are telling through exquisite, mesmerising movement. At the point of their dance we are supposed to have our eyes closed but I couldn’t resist a sneak peak. They move through the space, sometimes very close to us. There’s a lot on the stage at this point. Laurence is here again taking us through the various pieces of music. He does a killer impression of a Soprano that has us all in stitches.

It feels like we’re headed towards a slick feel. Everything is written down in real detail for us to recreate at a later rehearsal. We learn that there are going to be children with us at one point. I’m intrigued to see what their role is. Someone says there might be a goat on stage at one point, but I think they are winding me up…

I see many threads being pulled across this space & I see a tapestry starting to take form. I’m not yet sure of the order which we’ve been going in so not entirely sure where the stuff we did today fits in. I picture some of the images in my head & I think they are going to blow the audience’s mind. I’m very lucky – I’m going to be there within it. 


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