Military precision!

November 3, 2009

ALISON PORTER, Community Ensemble Participant

We’re starting to stage some scenes now and it struck me after this evening’s rehearsal that it’s all rather like a military campaign. First wave, second wave, advance at will – it needs a lot of clarity and some inventiveness to get 44 people to move where you want them to at exactly the right time and pace. Place your object on a target spot, don’t be too fast or too slow, move as a unit of four. I wonder whether the first world war might have been over a lot sooner and with less bloodshed if the generals had been women?

This is a scanned image from Alison's notebook!

Anyway it’s all noted down in obscure diagrams in my little book now,  I just hope I don’t lose it on the way to the next rehearsal and sit down at the wrong time, in someone else’s spot, carrying the wrong object. I feel sorry for the new recruits though they must wonder whether they’ve joined some bizarre chess game. Still Deborah has promised to make it into something beautiful and you can’t help but believe her.


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