Like a headless chicken!

November 3, 2009

JOYIA FITCH, Community Ensemble Participant

More getting to know each other games first up. I look around the room & realise I probably still only know half of the ensemble by name. Improve this, I tell myself! We pair up & give each other a head & shoulders massage. This is lovely as we let go of all our individual stresses of the day. We then work with tensing up our legs, arms & focusing our eyes on a certain point in the room. This amazingly affects how tense our neck is & the mobility of our head. This is fascinating & Joyce explains that this is to do with ‘being available’. We must ‘be available on stage’. We play this great trust game where our partner makes a recognisable sound for us & we close our eyes & follow them. It’s great, I feel like I’m walking around like a headless chicken, desperately trying to hear Maureen’s ‘nenarnenarnenar’. Lots of laughter & Amba says it’s like being lost in the forest & I think she’s right.

We work more on group dynamic & exploring ways of moving together through a point we are focused on. If we are in a group how far away from each other can we be from each other and still feel connected? How close can we be with each other and still feel comfortable in our own space?

After the break we explore the objects again, the important story objects that we worked with briefly last time. I remember that the ‘Messiah’ doesn’t have a narrative like many of the other operas. This, all along has made me wonder how it’s going to be done. I realise it might just be through symbolism. Or, at least that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. We go and claim an object. My instinct says pick up the crown of thorns so I do. We start at playing around with blocking our placement of the objects on the stage in a specific, white tape cross spot. The stage managers help us work out our route. This part has been very well organised. We try different speeds & orders & moods & angles to come on stage. 

Later, we look at another section towards the end of the show & I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m not saying what it involves exactly but there’s a strong linking with the ENO chorus. I wonder when we’ll get to meet the chorus?



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